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All this trouble… FOR A DOWNLOAD??

July 3, 2010

*Takes deep breath* Okay, so I’ve been trying to download the episodes of my favorite anime, CLANNAD, onto my new laptop. All these different formats are extremely annoying, because, one, with the licensing, the episodes are hard to find in the first place, and now i have to spend days converting them? Luckily I found an awesome program, AlltoAVI, which is super-easy to use and has cute anime girls. Winning combo. Anyway, because of this I am still attempting to download. So far… Success. Whew. Honestly, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal for the fansubs. They’re not licensed. Why can’t they have them all in one place, or one easy torrent? I know, torrents just scream “PIRATE!”. Arr? But in all seriousnessness. It’s a pain. I don’t mind though, but not many young girls can convert video files to AVI. Just saying. Then again, I’m not really a typical girl, i say things no one understands. Just another thing that makes me special, I suppose.